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As a Software Developer I have worked with companies to build systems to solve there business problems effectively and efficiently. My aim is to work with startup or new business to solve there problems through technology and most effective way. Best part of my work is i get to solve the interesting problems and put my grey cells to work. Other than being web developer i had opportunity to work as designer, researcher, strategist and also managed projects.
I like the idea of startup where everyone is contributing to accomplish single goal and doing it in a creative way. Disruptive nature of startup ideas have always fascinated me. Trying to make better products, service and making people's life more easy. I think technology can solve most of the problems which we face on daily basis. I have lots of great ideas which pops up now and then. One of my idea which i recently developed is, which is a unique platform serving startup and consumer to develop better products and services.


Tech Lead

2016 - Present
WonderBi Analytics

WonderBi is a cloud based mobile reporting and data visualization platform which allows business users to view data in most engaging and interactive way. As a Tech Lead developed and maintained the WonderBi tech stack. Mainly responsible for development and maintaince of Cloud Based Web Admin Portal, Support Portal. Also actively involved in Social Media Marketing activities. Some of key responsibilities involved are

  • Web application development for WonderBi Mobile App
  • Deployment on Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Designing and maintenance of WonderBi websites or applications.

Full Stack Developer

2014 - 2016
S&P Infotech, Mumbai

As a full stack developer i worked on various projects. Was responsible from initializing to deployment for the clients as per the requirement. Some of key responsibilities involved are

  • Web application development as the clients requirement
  • Application development and deployment to the servers
  • Maintenance of the web applications
  • Designing various websites or applications and single page applications

Software Engineer

2012 - 2014
Hindustan Pencils Pvt LTD, Mumbai

Web based Application Maintaince and Development of Marketing System. Major work is invovled bug tracing and correction. Actively involved in designing and development of new features to the systems. Also developed business resports using crystal reports. Tools involved are (C#) and javascript and SQL-Server.


Some of the projects that I worked.

Web Admin Portal for WonderBi App ( - WonderBi is a cloud based mobile reporting and data visualization platform which allows business users to view data in most engaging and interactive way. Using WonderBi users can upload there excel reports through Web Admin Portal and view those reports on mobile App with various data visualizations. WonderBi Web Portal allows users to upload reports, select data visualization for the data and publish it to view it on WonderBi App. Using WonderBi App users can analyze business data along with filtering, transposing slicing and dicing to get deeper insights.
Web based Marketing System - One of our client was in need for marketing system for there marketing business. They wanted a system through which they can track and analyse product sales through agents. Also they needed to have there logins for the sales agents who can access system to know about target sales. Solutions tries to organise entire sales operation for the marketing team. - Bizinca is web based HR Solutions for Small and Medium Business. streamlines the HR process by utilizing the power of internet and modern web technologies. To improve growth of the business we are developing and complete Bizinca platform for SME’s. Bizinca will take care all the business process and bring the efficiency in the organization. It provides easy, intuitive and cost effective solution to manage employee. Adding new employee onboard or managing leave and attendance request is easy and simple using Bizinca. - Zettalyst provides a reviews on startup products and services. Zettalyst is a startup community which helps to provide a valuable information about products. This site also information on upcoming startup events in the neighbourhood.Zettalyst was built using ASP.NET MVC 5 with knockout.js and SQL Server 2008 as database. For more about zettalyst click here.

Skills & Proficiency

Although, I like working on Microsoft Technologies but not limited to the same. I use C# for most of my projects and sometimes occasionally python. I have experience in developing web based applications or solutions. These are some of my skills which I actively use in my projects.

Asp.Net (C#) & MVC

Javascript & jQuery




Sketch & Designing